Session Details

R for IR: A Brief Introduction for Institutional Research Professionals

  • Session Type:Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Session Description:This workshop kindly and briefly introduces analysts to the open-source statistical programming language, R. R’s capacity to flexibly handle a wide variety of common IR tasks, from data cleaning to reporting, makes it an ideal tool for analysts. Attendees will work through foundational concepts for working with R, from vectors and environments to simple functions and mathematical operations to control structures. Attendees will also work through the basic stages of research: data import, cleaning, and manipulation; hypothesis testing; and reporting and visualization. R syntax, data files, and resources for further learning will be provided. Participants do not need prior R or other programming experience, but familiarity with Excel functions and other statistical software syntax (SPSS, MATLAB, SAS, Python, Stata) is beneficial. R and RStudio should be installed prior to the workshop.